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 Regional Roundup for April 23, 2017

StationTempHighLowWind SpeedWind GustPrecpLast Update
Asheville48.9 °F55.7 °F48.9 °FNW @ 4 mph16 mph0.14 in11:35 am
Asheville Airport53.1 °F55.9 °F52 °FSSW @ 3 mph3 mph0.61 in11:24 am
Asheville UNCA50.5 °F56.1 °F50.4 °FESE @ 2 mph9 mph0.53 in11:35 am
Black Mountain46.2 °F54.5 °F46.2 °FSE @ 14 mph25 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Weaverville Not Reporting
Jefferson45.8 °F54.6 °F45.7 °FE @ 0 mph4 mph0.43 in11:36 am
Laurel Ridge43.3 °F53.8 °F43.2 °FNW @ 11 mph11 mph0.00 in11:35 am
Phillips Gap42.8 °F53.9 °F42.8 °FNNE @ 0 mph13 mph0.27 in11:36 am
Warrensville46.2 °F54.1 °F46 °FSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.26 in11:36 am
West Jefferson45.4 °F54.2 °F45.4 °FSSW @ 6 mph9 mph0.26 in11:36 am
Banner Elk43.9 °F51.7 °F43.9 °FESE @ 0 mph1 mph0.22 in11:36 am
Beech Mountain53.7 °F53.7 °F53.7 °FWSW @ 3 mph3 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Crossnore43.6 °F51.9 °F43.5 °FENE @ 13 mph15 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Elk River East44.6 °F52.8 °F44.6 °FE @ 13 mph17 mph0.26 in11:36 am
Elk River West62.1 °F62.1 °F62.1 °FWNW @ 11 mph11 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Linville44.1 °F51.1 °F44.1 °FNE @ 0 mph0 mph0.23 in11:36 am
Linville Ridge43.3 °F48.9 °F42.4 °FS @ 10 mph21 mph0.34 in11:35 am
Newland44.6 °F50.2 °F44.3 °FSSE @ 1 mph14 mph0.29 in11:35 am
Seven Devils42.7 °F51.1 °F42.7 °FESE @ 1 mph6 mph0.28 in10:59 am
Sugar Mountain41.8 °F51.7 °F41.7 °FNE @ 21 mph21 mph0.30 in11:35 am
Sugar Mountain Top Not Reporting
Aho-Sorrento41.3 °F51 °F41.1 °FNNE @ 6 mph6 mph0.19 in11:36 am
Appalachian Ski Mtn42.3 °F51 °F41.9 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph0.36 in11:36 am
Blackberry46.2 °F55.2 °F46.1 °FS @ 2 mph2 mph0.46 in11:36 am
Blowing Rock61.9 °F61.9 °F61.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Boone44.2 °F53.7 °F43.7 °FE @ 2 mph12 mph0.26 in11:36 am
Deep Gap44.5 °F53.9 °F44.2 °FSE @ 0 mph4 mph0.31 in11:35 am
Foscoe45.1 °F53.5 °F45.1 °FSSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.03 in11:36 am
Grandfather Vyd45.4 °F53.1 °F45.4 °FN @ 0 mph4 mph0.30 in11:36 am
Powder Horn Mountain47.6 °F57.6 °F47.6 °FN @ 2 mph6 mph0.38 in11:36 am
RedTail Mountain50.3 °F55.8 °F49.8 °FE @ 6 mph9 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Rutherwood43.1 °F52.7 °F43 °FE @ 7 mph10 mph0.29 in11:36 am
Seven Devils42.6 °F51.1 °F42.5 °FSSE @ 5 mph7 mph0.31 in11:35 am
Sky Valley40.9 °F50.7 °F40.8 °FE @ 8 mph10 mph0.27 in11:36 am
Snake Mountain40.4 °F47.7 °F39.9 °FSSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.33 in11:35 am
Valle Crucis46.7 °F55.6 °F46.7 °FS @ 2 mph13 mph0.29 in11:35 am
Watauga High Not Reporting
Zionville45.9 °F53.7 °F45.8 °FESE @ 6 mph17 mph0.28 in11:36 am
Burnsville (Hawk Branch)48.4 °F53.5 °F48.4 °FSW @ 3 mph13 mph0.56 in11:36 am
Galax46 °F54.9 °F45.6 °FNNW @ 1 mph5 mph0.01 in11:36 am
Independence45.2 °F54.1 °F45.1 °FS @ 1 mph3 mph0.24 in11:36 am
Twin Co. Airport44.2 °F52.9 °F43 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.10 in11:24 am
Floydfest Not Reporting
Galax46 °F54.9 °F45.6 °FNNW @ 1 mph5 mph0.01 in11:36 am
Independence45.2 °F54.1 °F45.1 °FS @ 1 mph3 mph0.24 in11:36 am
Whitetop43.3 °F51.1 °F43.2 °FSE @ 5 mph13 mph0.16 in11:36 am
Asheville Airport53.1 °F55.9 °F52 °FSSW @ 3 mph3 mph0.61 in11:24 am
Hendersonville49.9 °F55.7 °F49.9 °FESE @ 3 mph11 mph0.00 in11:35 am
Hickory48.4 °F58.7 °F48.1 °FN @ 1 mph9 mph0.73 in11:36 am
Hickory Airport48.9 °F59 °F48.9 °FNE @ 10 mph10 mph0.58 in11:12 am
Blackberry46.2 °F55.2 °F46.1 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph0.46 in11:35 am
Lenoir48.5 °F60.2 °F48 °FNNW @ 0 mph5 mph0.50 in11:36 am
Morganton-Lenoir Airport48.7 °F59.9 °F48.7 °FNNE @ 8 mph8 mph0.58 in11:24 am
Old Fort50.4 °F59.6 °F50.3 °FENE @ 0 mph5 mph0.81 in11:36 am
Bakersville49.5 °F67.8 °F49.1 °FSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Spruce Pine47 °F54.5 °F46.8 °FSE @ 0 mph1 mph0.50 in11:35 am
Morganton Not Reporting
Morganton-Lenoir Airport48.7 °F59.9 °F48.7 °FNNE @ 8 mph8 mph0.58 in11:24 am
RedTail Mountain Not Reporting
Laurel Ridge43.3 °F53.8 °F43.2 °FNW @ 11 mph11 mph0.00 in11:35 am
Roaring Gap40.6 °F50.3 °F40.5 °FESE @ 11 mph14 mph0.23 in10:58 am
Sparta44.9 °F53.7 °F44.7 °FSSW @ 2 mph6 mph0.37 in11:36 am
North Surry48.8 °F55 °F48.8 °FNE @ 3 mph6 mph0.13 in11:30 am
Surry Co. Airport50.2 °F55 °F49.6 °FNE @ 6 mph18 mph0.10 in11:00 am
Waynesville54.7 °F55.4 °F53.8 °FENE @ 0 mph6 mph0.79 in11:36 am
Laurel Ridge43.3 °F53.8 °F43.2 °FNW @ 11 mph11 mph0.00 in11:35 am
North Wilkesboro48.2 °F56.5 °F47.9 °FN @ 4 mph8 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Phillips Gap42.9 °F53.9 °F42.8 °FNNE @ 5 mph13 mph0.26 in11:34 am
Roaring River49.7 °F56.2 °F47.9 °FNNE @ 5 mph11 mph0.00 in11:36 am
Wilkes Airport46.4 °F55.4 °F46.4 °FNE @ 6 mph6 mph0.03 in11:24 am
Wolf Laurel44.8 °F49.4 °F44.6 °FN @ 0 mph7 mph0.58 in11:36 am
Wytheville44.7 °F53.3 °F44.5 °FE @ 3 mph6 mph0.23 in11:36 am