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Sugar Mountain Top , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6:01PM

Between Two Fronts

We are not between two ferns, but we are between two fronts today--one in the Atlantic, another stretching from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains. The front to our west passes through here late Thursday with a passing shower possible late-day or early evening. Then cool high pressure dominates the Eastern U. S. Friday and Saturday. Valley frost is a good bet for sunrise Saturday.


Hi: 55 Lo: 43

Mostly clear; Cool; West wind 5-15 mph;

Hi: 54 Lo: 38

Partly to mostly cloudy; Cannot rule out a passing PM shower; West wind 5-15 mph, becoming NW & breezy

Hi: 45 Lo: 32

Abundant sunshine; Much cooler; Valley frost possible Fri. night; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 48 Lo: 37

Mostly sunny; Cool

Hi: 49 Lo: 40

More PM clouds; Still cooler than average; Showers possible late-day and Sun. night

Further Out

Monday - Mostly to partly cloudy; AM showers possible; High in the upper 40s; Low in the upper 30s
Tuesday - Scattered clouds; Still cooler than average; High in the lower 50s; Low near 40 degrees

Forecast Discussion

Tuesday's front is in the Atlantic. A front that will arrive late Thursday is zipping eastward through the Great Lakes and Great Plains.

After a breezy, cool start, we ended up with a clear end to the day. Expect more clouds late Thursday with a passing shower possible late-day or early-evening.

A large area of cool high pressure overtakes the Eastern U. S. Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will be 10 degrees below seasonal averages with valley frost at sunrise Saturday.

Sunday and Monday have the next front approaching from the west with low pressure forming near Cape Hatteras. Clouds increase Sunday. Showers are possible late Sunday through Monday morning.

By Tuesday, the front will be well to our east in the Atlantic. High pressure centered in Tennessee will control our weather with temperatures cooler than average but not as cool as Friday/Saturday.

After a quiet time in the Atlantic, a disturbance is in the Eastern Caribbean. It will be watched for development this weekend.

Sugar Mountain Resort Activities

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All weekend long, on October 17 & 18 enjoy the fall foliage at Sugar Mountain aboard the Summit Express chairlift or schuss through the many trails from beginner to expert in the bike park.

Please take a moment to understand the COVID-19 procedures and protocols for fall activity at Sugar Mountain Resort so you can best prepare for a safe and enjoyable visit.

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