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Current Conditions

Temp: 44.6°F
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Newland , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 7:11AM

Super Soaker Sunday

Low pressure deepens over northern Georgia today. The low will spread moisture over a wedge of chilly air banked up against the east side of the Appalachians. The result will be widespread rain which will fall heavily at times today and tonight. Temperatures hold nearly steady. And fog blankets the Blue Ridge. The low will move very slowly eastward, to a position near Charleston by Monday afternoon. The heaviest rain shifts east, but we’ll still be in the soup with periods of rain and chilly temperatures. Conditions improve on Tuesday. A cold front will bring a few more showers late Thursday and Thursday night.

To help us get through the Sunday rainfest, the Golf-O-Meter has been changed to the Raccoon-O-Meter. The prospects for Merlefest include great weather and wall-to-wall music next Thursday through Sunday!


Hi: 48 Lo: 43

Cloudy; Much cooler; Rain, heavy at times today and tonight, thunder possible; Areas of fog; SE wind 10-15 mph

Hi: 55 Lo: 46

Cloudy; Cool; Periods rain; NE wind 10-15 mph

Hi: 68 Lo: 47

Isolated AM showers, then decreasing clouds; Pleasant; Light north wind

Hi: 74 Lo: 52

Plenty of sunshine; Pleasant

Hi: 72 Lo: 52

Partly cloudy; Warm; Isolated late day and overnight showers

Further Out

Friday - Partly sunny; Warm; High in the upper 70s; Low in the lower 50s
Saturday - Partly sunny; Continued warm; High in the upper 70s; Low in the mid 50s

Forecast Discussion

A potent upper low will take it’s sweet time traversing the region over the next few days. The upper low will help to deepen surface low pressure over northern Georgia today. This will result in good southeast flow over a wedge of cool air that has developed along the east slopes of the mountains. This is a recipe for heavy rain, and we’ll see the waterworks in full swing today and tonight. There will even be a few “elevated” thunderstorms. Much of the Blue Ridge will be fogged in at least through tonight.

By Monday, the stacked surface and upper level low centers will have casually made their way to eastern South Carolina. This is expected to shift some very heavy rain into the Piedmont and coastal plain of the Carolinas. However, there will still be upslope flow into the mountains and across the foothills. This means Monday will remain rainy, along with a few periods of heavier rain.

The low continues its unhurried trek to the northeast on Tuesday. It’s starting to wind down a little at that point, and it appears that western NC will just see some morning showers, with much nicer conditions developing by the afternoon. That’s not a slam dunk. If the low slows down even more, light rain and clouds could certainly hang on across the High Country and foothills most of the day.

Wednesday certainly looks nice. But a cold front will bring a few showers back into the picture by late Thursday and Thursday night. Friday and Saturday look quite warm, more like late May or early June. This should make for some pleasant concert-going at Merlefest in Wilkesboro next weekend!


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