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Current Conditions
Land Harbor

Temp: 50.1°F
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Linville Land Harbor , NC
Weather station located at Linville Land Harbor Homeowners Association.

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 6:23PM

Clear; Chilly with Frost

Clear skies stay into Thursday with slightly warmer temperatures than today Thursday afternoon. Moisture and clouds increase Thursday night leading to a generally cloudy Friday. Mostly light rain is a decent bet Friday afternoon and evening in a juicy southerly flow. A front to our west produces a line of showers and thundershowers arrives late Friday night into early Saturday morning (similar to last Friday night and Saturday morning). Clouds decrease quickly Saturday morning leading to a warm but breezy day. Cooler air arrives Saturday night.

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Hi: 54 Lo: 31

Clear skies with areas of frost; Chilly; Light NW wind

Hi: 58 Lo: 39

Early frost; Sunny daytime; Warmer afternoon; A few clouds overnight; Light and variable wind becoming southerly

Hi: 58 Lo: 51

Becoming cloudy; Afternoon & evening rain, mostly light; Evening fog possible; A line of showers (thunder possible) late Fri. night; SW wind 5-15 mph, gusty Fri. night

Hi: 66 Lo: 35

Early clouds & showers (thunder possible); Partial clearing by late morning; Colder Sat. night; Becoming rather windy

Hi: 59 Lo: 39

Clear; Cooler AM

Further Out

Monday - Increasing PM clouds; Warmer; Rain possibly developing Mon. night; High in the upper 60s; Low in the upper 40s
Tuesday - Cloudy; Areas of rain possible; High in the mid 60s; Low in the lower 50s

Forecast Discussion

The low that brought Tuesday's light rain is off the South Carolina Coast and headed out to sea. The center of high pressure stretches from Pennsylvania to Arkansas; it controls our weather today. A dry front slides through from the north tonight with no noticeable effect. We have clear skies and cool temperatures today. Thursday has a slightly warmer afternoon with some cloudiness encroaching Thursday night.

Friday, the high is in the Atlantic. Tonight's front has become a warm front pushing into the Great Lakes region. A potent low is in the Great Plains with an associated front stretches to Texas. That front crosses the Southern Appalachians early Saturday morning and the low moves to the Great Lakes. Skies become cloudy Friday with areas of mostly light rain developing Friday afternoon in a moist southerly flow. Then a line of showers and thundershowers arrives late Friday night. That line of showers will move to our east early Saturday.

Sunshine returns quickly after the early the showers early Saturday morning. We'll have a warm but breezy Saturday afternoon. Then a secondary cold front arrives with colder temperatures Saturday night.

High pressure moves across the East Sunday and into the Atlantic Monday. Timing the the sequence of events leaves the details our weather in doubt, but I'm sure it will be more certain in a couple days. For now, I've added clouds late Monday with rain possible in a southerly flow Monday night lasting into Tuesday. However, the next front probably does not move through from the west until at least Wednesday.


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