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Current Conditions
Beech Mtn

Temp: 53.8°F
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Beech Mountain , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Friday, August 1, 2014 at 7:59AM

Gray But All Day Rain

Rain developed as expected Thursday night. It was heavy before sunrise along the Blue Ridge in NW NC (Roaring Gap, Laurel Springs, etc.) where up to 2.5" fell before 7 AM. However... moisture transport is being robbed by more stormy weather along the Atlantic Coast and in the Piedmont. Expect some morning rain, and the potential for showers this afternoon. Temperatures today will make you do a "double-take" on the calendar. August 1st, really?! Fog will be an issue especially along the eastern escarpment (aka, the Blue Ridge). A few light showers or drizzle may linger into the evening hours. The weekend features clouds, a slow temperature recovery (but still below seasonal norms), and widely scattered mostly afternoon showers (maybe a thundershower Sunday).

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iPhone and iPad users... When I said "probably this week", I did not realize that the review process at Apple takes about a week. It's complete and submitted to iTunes, but we have to wait on Apple to bless it before it will be available.


Hi: 59 Lo: 55

Clouds; Patchy fog; Chilly for Aug 1; Showers especially in the AM; East wind 5-10 mph but becoming light

Hi: 66 Lo: 55

Generally cloudy; Some AM fog; Widely scattered mostly afternoon showers; Maybe some fog again Sat. night; Light South wind

Hi: 64 Lo: 55

Mostly cloudy with some early fog; A few degrees warmer; Scattered mostly PM showers & t-showers; Light South wind

Hi: 67 Lo: 55

Scattered clouds; Cannot rule out a stray afternoon shower or t-shower

Hi: 69 Lo: 55

Partly cloudy; Warmer; Cannot completely rule out a stray afternoon t-shower

Further Out

Wednesday - Partly cloudy; Another step warmer; Widely scattered PM t-showers; High in the lower 70s; Low in the mid 50s
Thursday - Partly cloudy; Widely scattered PM t-showers; High in the upper 60s; Low in the upper 50s

Forecast Discussion

Really, Friday is not as wet/gray as previously advertised. Thunderstorms along the Southeast Atlantic Coast and another line in the Foothills and Piedmont are robbing the moisture transport in our southeasterly flow. Expect clouds, cool, and mostly early morning showers today (but showers possible through the evening). Patchy fog will be an issue especially near the Blue Ridge.

A front will be stalled along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast from today through the middle of next week. Tropical Storm Bertha formed yesterday. It's in the Eastern Caribbean and will move across Puerto Rico Saturday, then brush the Bahamas and head NE between the U. S. and Bermuda early next week. It's not a factor in our weather other than keeping the pattern in the Southeast gommed up (Yes, spell checker, it is "gommed" not "gummed".) and stationary. By the middle of next week, the next front will approach in "back door" fashion from the north.

The weekend looks generally cloudy with a few mostly afternoon showers but not all that wet. Temperatures will gradually recover from today's cool. A thundershower is possible Sunday afternoon. Patchy fog will be possible at night and early morning especially along the Blue Ridge.

Early next week will be warmer (back near seasonal norms). Afternoon thundershower coverage will be "isolated" Monday and Tuesday. We nudged thundershower coverage slightly higher for Wednesday and Thursday with the front approaching from the north.


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