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NWS Winter Storm Warning (Avery County)

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Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 7:05AM

Getting Above Freezing

Light freezing rain and drizzle continues this morning as we slowly make the transition to above freezing. Warming occurs from the top down and west to east. Meaning ridgetops and areas closer to the TN border lead the melting process. Meanwhile locations along the eastern escarpment will be the slow holdouts, potentially not until mid afternoon. Temperatures continue to climb overnight and it will be 20-degrees warmer tomorrow morning than it was this morning. Light rain remains in play Thursday, but it's mostly a morning feature. The afternoon is mild.


Hi: 43 Lo: 42

Cloudy; Periods of light rain and drizzle (AM freezing rain); Chilly; SE wind 5-10 mph, but SW & gusty at higher elev's; Rising temperatures at night

Hi: 56 Lo: 38

Cloudy: Light rain, especially in the morning; Milder; WNW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 48 Lo: 38

Cloudy & rainy; Cooler; Light SE wind, but SW 5-15 mph & gusty at higher elev's

Hi: 50 Lo: 44

Cloudy; Intervals of light rain

Hi: 57 Lo: 27

Mainly morning rain; Mild; Late-afternoon clearing

Further Out

Monday - Scattered clouds; Cooler; High in the upper 40s; Low near 30 degrees
Tuesday - Mostly cloudy; A tad cooler; High in the mid 40s; Low in the upper 20s

Forecast Discussion

Chilly high pressure wedged in yesterday and snow developed around dinnertime. Snow persisted for several hours before transitioning to sleet and light freezing rain. The southern mountains, where precipitation amounts of nearly an inch of rain and freezing rain fell, took a good amount of our moisture. Not complaining as ice accretion has stayed at manageable levels.

Warm air aloft works down to the surface today. It won't be "warm", but temperatures get above freezing by late morning for most of us. Communities along and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Escarpment will likely have to wait until this afternoon before melting occurs. Intervals of light (freezing) rain and drizzle continues at times today. A front approaches from the west tonight eroding the cold air wedge that's in place. Temperatures actually increase overnight as steadier rain falls. Thursday has mostly morning rain and an impressively mild turnaround compared to yesterday and today.

The front stalls across the Southeast Friday and Saturday. Rain continues at times both days, but Friday is the wetter of the two days. Finally a stronger cold front moves through Sunday along with morning rain and a milder afternoon, but behind the front we actually dry out and temperatures return to seasonal levels.


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