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Powder Horn Mountain

If you like noise, crowds of

people, traffic and hubbub,

Powder Horn is probably not for

you. But, if you enjoy peace and

quiet, natural mountain beauty

and wildlife, Powder Horn may

be just the place for you.

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landscape and stonescape

stone retaining walls and paths

stone patios and stunning steps

boulder walls and boulder gardenswinter-spring cleanup

design & prepare flower beds


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Jamal Gow---828-964-5448


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For Youth Ages 3 - 8

Private and Group Lessons

Pony Rides

Family Fun Time with the Ponies

Pony Time Sharing


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Snow Totals for Asheville, NC

Winter 2014-2015

Choose Another Year:

Date Snowfall (inches) Comment
10/31/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
11/1/20143.0"Overnight/AM snow, heaviest south
11/17/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
11/18/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
11/27/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
12/10/20140.0"Trace amount of snow
1/7/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
1/15/20150.0"Trace amount of snow PM
1/23/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
1/24/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
1/26/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
1/27/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
1/30/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
2/2/20150.5"Locally 1" in the downtown area
2/12/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
2/14/20150.0"Trace amount of snow/PM flurries
2/15/20150.0"Trace amount of snow/AM flurries
2/16/20151.0"PM snow to sleet; Mostly sleet accumulation
2/17/20150.0"Trace amount of snow/AM flurries
2/18/20150.5"Snow showers and flurries
2/21/20150.0"Trace amount of snow
2/24/20152.8"Snow began midnight, tapered to flurries after sunrise
2/25/20154.0"Snow began around 5:30PM
2/26/20151.5"Snow ended as flurries around sunrise
3/28/20150.0"Trace amount of snow/AM flurries
Total Ice & Snow 13.3"